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When it comes to reading the Bible (Scripture), I like to think of the acronym R.E.A.P.  As we spend time in Scripture, we will "REAP" a harvest.  Read, Examine, Apply, Pray.  

The first in this series is R for Read.

If I said you should read the Bible, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll respond in 1 of 3 ways...

  1. Indeed.  It’s very important and I try to read every day.
  2. Indeed, but frankly it’s a struggle.  I know it’s important, and I want to do it, but I get distracted and frankly it doesn’t happen near enough.
  3. I disagree.  I don’t believe the Bible is useful (maybe you don’t believe it’s God’s words, or maybe you simply believe it’s old writings that aren’t very relevant today.)

If you are a #2 or a #3, don’t beat yourself up.  Relax.  God gives grace and we need to regularly receive that grace.  This is not about checking a box.  This is not about forcing the religion of daily reading, yet it is about taking a step toward establishing a healthy habit.

Scripture is true.  It’s God’s actual words from his mouth.  It’s good. It convicts us. It challenges us. It molds us. It builds us up. It encourages us.  It’s wisdom. It gives knowledge and understanding.  It revives us.  It tempers our fears.  It mollifies our worries. It’s salve for our pain. It brings joy. It brings clarity in the midst of chaos. It’s correction to our wandering.  It gives purpose. It furnishes our hope. It nourishes our soul. It provides light for our next steps.  It shows us the way to eternal life with God.  It contains great news.  

How do we know these things?  Here's a few verses to check out...  Jn 17:17  |  2 Ti 3:16-17  |  Ps 19  |  Ps 119:105  |  Pr 2:6  |  Ps 18:30

It's worth your investment.

Want to READ more?  Here's a few ideas to get you started...  Start with 5 minutes a day.  Join a Bible study (Let us know you're interested).  Enjoy the reward of accountability by reading with friends.  Download an app (consider YouVersion, Olive Tree, Blue Letter Bible). Start a reading plan (Consider YouVersion, Bible Plans).  Read the Bible online (consider bible.com or bible.org).  Buy a Bible (Which One?), or ask us for a free one.

Whatever you do, please read it.  It will change your life.  God promises.

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Rob Thompson