This week is the second post in a four-post series about next steps we take in our faith. We’ve  looked at salvation.  Later we’ll consider membership and service. This week we start with the very first next step after salvation, baptism.

What is baptism and why do we do it?

It is a public profession of faith – It’s an outward expression of the inward reality of already having been saved.  It’s a physical manifestation of a spiritual truth.  The purpose of baptism is to give visual testimony of our commitment to Christ. It is often referred to as one of the first steps of obedience and discipleship.

It is commanded – In Scripture, those who have been saved are called and instructed to be baptized.  It’s a step of obedience.  (Acts 2:38, 8:26-39)

It is not salvation – Salvation happens before baptism, at a moment in time when someone answers the irresistible call of God that brings us to a place of hopeless and ultimately trust in God after realizing our own sin.  We call out to God, "save me Lord", and he does.  Then, it’s time to step out in obedience to be baptized.   Read our blog post about salvation HERE.

What about Infant Baptism? –  You may hear us speak of “putting your baptism on the right side of your salvation”.  Some people have been baptized as an infant.  We believe that Scripture makes it clear that baptism is to be an act of obedience AFTER salvation.  Infant Baptism is a decision your parents/guardian made for you, before you were a believer in Jesus yourself.  There is no salvation found in Baptism BEFORE one’s salvation, much like there is no salvation found in baptism AFTER one’s salvation.

The symbolism of Baptism by Immersion – Baptism by immersion was the example we have been given in Scripture.  Jesus Christ died and was buried, and in the same way “a baptized person is submerged (whether physically or symbolically) under water.”  Jesus Christ rose again after death, “so the baptized person rises again from beneath the water.”

What if I’m unable to physically be immersed/baptized? – Baptism by sprinkling is an appropriate step of obedience in fulfilling the Biblical call to be baptized.

Who can be and should be baptized? – Any person of any age who has been called by God, who has made a decision to follow Jesus and has therefore been saved.

When should I be Baptized?
Now.  That’s right, let us know you’re interested in being baptized, and we’ll make it happen.  Let us know HERE.

Rob Thompson