Adoration to Restoration

At the very end of last year, a friend invited me to join a small group of people that would be reading The One Year Bible together.  Today’s reading has stirred my heart and I want to share it with you.

1 Kings 8, tells the story of the dedication of the first temple in Jerusalem by King Solomon.  David had prepared the way, but now Solomon has the honor and privilege of building and dedicating the temple.  Ultimately this temple would be a place for the presence of God. The chapter begins with Solomon bringing together the elders of Israel, all the heads of the tribes, and the leaders of the houses of Israel.  

Note Solomon's posture...  standing and then kneeling before the people, Solomon then offers a prayer of dedication, in which he begins by acknowledging God's greatness and his own sinfulness. I love Solomon’s heart here.  Lord, give me this same heart.

Fervent adoration and humble confession.  One leads to the other.  (Consider Isaiah 6:3-5, Nehemiah 9:3, Romans 14:11)

As Solomon was preparing a place for the Lord to inhabit, so we prepare a place for the Lord to inhabit, in the depths of our souls (it's been said we ask Jesus to come into our heart).  The process is the same.  This is the beginning place of walking with Jesus, our eternal walk, and our daily walk.  It is what enters us into a saving relationship with Jesus, and it is the place we begin every day's walk with Jesus.  Today, I choose to proclaim his goodness as I also recognize my own sinfulness.

When we come to him in this way, it leads to forgiveness and restoration.

If you feel lost or alone, I encourage you to turn to God. He is always waiting for you with open arms. He is the only one who can forgive and restore you to your rightful place.

Adoration leads to confession, confession leads to forgiveness, and forgiveness leads to restoration.  Come home.

Rob Thompson