A Congregational Hug

One of the metaphors for the church family in scripture is “the Body of Christ." The body, we are reminded, is made up of many parts, each part contributing to the well being, and blessing, of the whole. When one part suffers, we all do. When a part rejoices, the whole is to applaud and give thanks with it. A beautiful picture of community painted by Gods word.

Every Christmas season our Elders send out a letter encouraging you to give to a gift for our staff. Every year this gift has blessed our pastoral staff in so many ways. This brief blog is simply to say thank you…. Again… for your kindness and generosity towards us! We were truly blessed by your amazing gifts on our behalf!

That’s it for this blog. Thanks.

Your support and generous hearts were like a collective hug from the Lord through Beacon.

We all felt it.

Blessings in 2024,
Beacon Pastoral Staff

Pete Nelson