Beacon has a Sister Church in Morency, Haiti through a partnership with RMI (Reciprocal Ministries International).  A C3 Partnership was formed in 2015 and we are Connected Church to Church with this remote village church in southern Haiti.  As a church we pray regularly for Morency Church, enable village children to attend school through Hope for Kidz child sponsorship, and send short term mission teams to worship and work with our brothers and sisters there.

What is a Sister Church?

The Beacon/Morency Partnership is a program where two churches from vastly different cultures have the opportunity to come together as Sister Churches in a long-term, viable relationship with the purpose of transforming each church community spiritually, socially and physically.
Through this amazing program the Sister Churches’ focus of IMPACT is on five key areas. These areas are Evangelism, Discipleship, Education, Social Compassion and Community Development.
The Beacon/Morency Partnership is a reciprocal one where both churches receive a warm relationship as well as the chance to work together on ministry. It facilitates the idea of connecting church communities in order to build a bond through Christ where language, race, economic and cultural barriers are broken; and each church thrives through communication and taking up what that church needs. As this relationship develops, the churches partner and visit together, worshiping and working together.
Our goal in the Beacon/Morency Partnership with all we do and plan is to build a deep rooted spiritual community that blossoms within both churches.
For more information on the Beacon/ Morency Partnership, please check out our Facebook page HERE.
For additional information on partnerships in general, please go to RMI's website by clicking HERE.

Short Term Missions

Since the initial visit to Haiti to explore the possibility of becoming a sister church, we have sent several relationship teams to Morency to do relationship building activities, work projects and food distribution. A few work teams have gone as well, working on larger projects at our sister church.  Team members who apply and are accepted to go on a trip raise their own support for finances as well as enlisting a prayer team.  This enables all Beacon church attendees to be involved even if they cannot personally travel to Haiti.

Hope 4 Kidz Child Sponsorship

Hope for Kidz is a child sponsorship program founded by Reciprocal Ministries International (RMI) in 1999 to meet the educational and physical needs of Haitian children. RMI partners with schools that are part of the Evangelical Baptist Mission of Southern Haiti (MEBSH). MEBSH schools typically cover grades K-9. Children are chosen for sponsorship based on financial need.
Cost to Sponsor a Child:  $384 Annually or $32 Monthly
Benefits to the Child...
  • Quality education with Christian world view
  • School supplies are provided
  • Hot lunch program improves their health and ability to learn ~ currently feeding over 10,000 children in qualifying schools 
  • Community Health Training Program includes annual de-worming and prevention education
  • Emergency Major Medical Fund for sponsored children
To Sponsor a Child, please visit our Facebook Page by clicking HERE.
Visit RMI's Hope for Kidz page HERE to learn more.