Jesus on Social Media...

My Opinion Rant...

Are you ready?  Let's go...

My friends... let's stop sharing our political/covid/social issue opinions, designed for Social Media effect, around the proverbial water cooler, in the Church lobby, and around our kitchen tables.

They're not helping.  In this medium, our opinions don't have the effect that we desire. I'd venture to say 100% of the time.  You'll never convince someone on Social Media to your way of thinking.  It just doesn't happen.  In fact, at best they cause further division, and at worse they invite increased arrogance and vitriol in others.  By all means, please have loving and grace filled discourse in real face to face relationships, but I promise you, our social media posts aren't helping our cause.  

Christians, I hate to call us out on this, but it appears to me that we are especially and bizarrely known for this.  Oh the irony...   How can this be?  Recognize that when we feel the need to comment (on Social Media, or even in our face to face conversations) about politics, Covid, social issues, etc... we need to insert a FULL STOP, pause and reflect... Let's be super aware of the attitude behind our opinions, and the opposite unintended influence that we'll have.  When one desires to espouse an opinion, that desire is often deeply connected to a haughty spirit, a lack of teachability,  unwillingness to listen, seated in a bed of arrogance/ignorance that is not of Jesus, and at worse turns people off to following Jesus.  There are times to graciously and boldly speak up, and there are times to shut up.  Let's be more careful in choosing which path we choose, when we choose it, and why we choose it.

I'm discouraged by this arrogance.  I'm discouraged by this ignorance.   This is not The Way.

I all too easily and quickly recognize it when i see it in others, but as I reflect, I 100% recognize it in myself.  I'm discouraged by how freely and proudly we share opinions.  

We open our mouths too quickly.  Our soap boxes are too quickly mounted.  Our tongues are unyielding.  They are not loving.  They are far too often lacking grace, humility, and civility, often laced with anger and pride.  Our words far too often encourage lines to be drawn and walls to be built.  This is NOT the work of Jesus.  This is the work of our flesh.

Our words should rather be filled with Gospel centered seasoning. Good news.  Love filled. Others focused. Self emptying.  Life giving.

For those of us who have the indwelling Holy Spirit, may our attitudes, and the overflow of such, be filled with the manifestation of the Holy Spirit himself...  Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control.  These are the things of Jesus.

Did I just share an opinion?  I've prayed over this post.  I've checked my attitude.  I love you.

Rant over.

Pastor Rob

Rob Thompson