Stuff Only God Knows

If you’re like me, you probably thought that becoming a Christian would open up the windows of understanding the inscrutable. Evidently, not so! While our God marvelously reveals himself to us, shows us things we never understood before, exposes wonderful truth, he does not give us everything we want to know. This, for some, is disappointing… And understandably so, because we tend to think that the all knowing God would open the minds of his children so they too would be all knowing. Interesting thought, but it doesn’t happen. Personally, I like this for 2 reasons: first, because it clearly reminds me that I am not God. (And by the way… That’s very good for you!) and second, God, being God, must be far more wise, incomprehensible, holy, and just way cooler than me and that includes him not being anywhere close to my equal. He is other. I bow.

I was reading in the book of Deuteronomy and came across this verse at the close of chapter 29: “the Lord our God has secrets known to no one. We are not accountable for them, but we and our children are accountable forever for all he has revealed to us, so that we may obey all the terms of these instructions" (NLT).

God had clearly reminded his children all about the blessing of obedience, and conversely, the dangers of disobedience. Our loving father will not be mocked... there are consequences for foolish living, living that indulges sin and forgets the teaching of his Holy Word. Sadly, we see that played out over and over again, as we witness the ravages of sin. It's so important to also remember that he has blessing in store for those who walk with him and honor his Word. Blessings that go far deeper and are better than we can even imagine! Remember, his commands are in place for our good... his laws are there because he loves us! Obedience doesn't make God "look good"... obedience blesses you and me. (And consequently, anyone in our vicinity)

“God has secrets known to no one...." that phrase helps me so much! There simply is stuff I will not understand, things above my pay grade, too difficult for me to grasp. Some find that troubling, I find it freeing! I want to encourage someone today to rest in our God who does all things well, promises to care for his children, and works all things together for good to those who love him. You may have no idea what God is up to right now in your life, but he does, and sometimes he's just not telling us. In the unknown, uncertain, and indiscernible, rest in the God who promises to carry us through! Everyday, remind yourself that you are a child of God, adopted by his grace and mercy, and rescued because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We are his. That helps us when we go through dark places and times when we wrongly believe that he has abandoned us. Keep running to Jesus... the one who knows what no one else does...

“ Disappointment – His appointment”
Change one letter, then I see
That the changing of my life
Is Gods better choice for me.
For, like a loving parent,
He rejoices when he knows
That his child accepts, unquestioned,
All that from his wisdom flows.
-author unknown.

Pete Nelson