Hail to the Queen

Unless you’ve been in solitary confinement lately, you’ve heard that the Queen of England died this week. She was 96 and had a 70 year reign as queen. An amazing woman and an impressive reign to say the least. All indicators that I have read or heard state that she was a woman of faith and was trusting in Christ. A long productive life and a lasting legacy. In the weeks to come, we will hear more and more about her life and no doubt, view a grand and elaborate funeral.

Early this morning a woman named Sandy died. She is my wife Karen’s aunt (mine too by marriage). She was 81. She too was a woman of faith and family, and had a deep and vibrant faith in Christ. She served the Lord faithfully and loved his Church. She will not be spoken of on the news, there were no reporters outside the hospital, and she will have a small funeral in North Jersey.
My thoughts were running over what kind of services will take place shortly. The pomp and circumstance that will mark these two funerals will no doubt be miles apart in terms of grandeur, heads of state attending, news coverage etc. The queens will be splashed over news channels and will dominate the written page. Literally, the world will be watching. The other will be marked by a brief obituary and a group of people gathered in a local church.

Then my mind went to the welcome in heaven… It will no doubt be exactly the same. Both women were daughters of the King! Both women were frail and mortal and washed by the blood of the Lamb! Both women served and loved well. Neither the Queen nor Sandy enter heaven on their own merit, but only by the grace of God!

What a great reminder that it’s not about our station in life, but about our trust in, and faithfulness to, our Father in heaven.

God save the Queen!…. And so he did, by the blood of the Lamb.

God save Aunt Sandy! …. And so he did, by the blood of the Lamb.

I think they may be sitting down together for a spot of tea :)

Pete Nelson