Did Grandma Really Get Run Over?

What's your favorite Christmas Song?  Here are a few from our Pastors...

"Christmas Shoes" - Pastor Dan
"Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" - Pastor Josh
"Dominick the Christmas Donkey" - Pastor Pete

One of my favorite Christmas songs is actually an Easter song.  Maybe THE Easter song.  But I refuse to relegate it to Easter only.  I refuse to not consider it belonging to the list of all time great Christmas songs.   It has all the Christmas acutrements... Angels, Joy, Bells...  Yep, It's a Christmas Song!  It's often referred to as simply the "Easter Song", but otherwise known as "Hear the Bells Ringing".  I can't imagine you'll ever hear it at Christmas time, except right here.

Give it a listen...  Maybe it will be your new favorite Christmas Song?
Let's not get hung up on terms, but consider this... The birth of Christ precedes (goes before in time) his death, but his death precedes (goes before in rank) his birth.  Reflect upon this... It's in his death that his blood was shed and salvation is offered to all of mankind.  Even me. You.  It's in his death that we're offered redemption.  It's only in his death that we are offered forgiveness of sins.  It's only in his death that we may be justified, considered, and made righteous.  It's only in his death that we find the possibility of our future hope and glory.

By all means, celebrate his birth by singing any song you choose...  BUT, it's my prayer that this celebration would lead you to singing...  Hear the Bells Ringing, they're singing...

Pastor Rob

Rob Thompson