The Widows Might

There’s an account in Luke’s gospel of the widow who, while giving at the temple, is observed by Jesus. Jesus has some of the highest praise for her faithfulness, generosity, and sacrifice. It’s often referred to as the account of “The Widows Mite”. This woman, despite her tenuous circumstances, exhibits a faith that goes beyond reason into a deep trust in her Heavenly Father.

The Bible instructs us on several occasions to care for, and look after, the widows in our lives. The first line of defense, or rather blessing, is to be their immediate family. Family is to look after their own and bless one another. That is the Biblical teaching.

Beyond one’s immediate family, the Christian has the added blessing of the church family! And this group is also to be a blessing to widows. Paul speaks of a list of widows… an accounting of sorts to know who may need help because there’s really no immediate family to lean on. It’s there that the church leans in to offer encouragement, counsel, even financial help to those in their midst who may need it. Its a blessing that our church family takes this role to heart. It warms my heart to see those who are willing to serve our widows this way.

I’ve observed a lot of widows over the past 2 decades or so. Widowhood ushers in a brand new, difficult chapter in a persons life. A chapter that involves loneliness, often fear, change that one didn’t see coming, and often some dark valleys.

I’ve also developed a much deeper respect for widows. So many show strength, wisdom, and grace on a new level, a willingness to serve, grow, and venture out to new experiences. This is what I call “The Widow's Might.” Individuals who exhibit courage and perseverance in their new role. So not only do these women move ahead courageously in their personal lives, they bless the church in a number of ways!

No one aspires to be a widow. It’s not something one signs up for in the church foyer. It is simply thrust upon you. One sinks or swims in the aftermath. I think "The Widow's Might “ is reflected in their bedrock faith in the Lord and is summed up well by this familiar passage in Isaiah:

“But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint” Isaiah 40:31

To all those who find themselves in this unique chapter, keep looking to Jesus, and we are blessed to have you in the church family!

Pete Nelson