The Serendipity of God

This week and next we’ll be seeing the last few glimpses of fall colors that have exploded on trees in the past month. I don’t know about you, but I love the color of fall. It’s even more noticeable when you get to travel up into places like New England.

I was reading recently about the science of leaves changing color.. pretty interesting, it involves photosynthesis, chlorophyll, pigment, heat, red and blue light absorbed from the sun. Chlorophyll is what makes leaves green, but is sort of fragile, and when the colder weather comes it breaks down. Leaves contain other pigments of color and when the chlorophyll breaks down they produce color. There are a whole lot more details in the process than I’m giving here, but it’s a stream of details that produce the brilliant red, yellows, oranges, and purplish colors we love to see!

What I found most interesting though, was the fact that when you look up “why leaves change color” you get detailed descriptions about “how leaves change color.” Botanists can intricately describe how this process happens, they have no reason for the “why?” They have literally scratched their heads and only hypothesized as to exactly why, or what the benefit is of the changing colors.

You and I who worship the Lord May have an idea.

I remember when our children were young, Karen and I were always on the lookout for things we thought our kids would like. For instance, I’d see a turtle on the side of the road and stop to pick it up thinking “The boys would love this.” Karen would see beach items (or clothes!) and think “Oh the girls will be excited about these” and get whatever it was. Could it be the same with God? I think so.

I think he saw the trees and said, "You know, my children would so love to see these leaves turn color!" Maybe for no apparent reason other than he delights in us! Does our Lord do such things? I believe it’s exactly the type of thing he would do. He blankets the ground and trees with snow when they could just get wet... he sends rainbows as majestic beautiful reminders... he lets us see sunsets and sunrises that are spectacular... he seems to send a random eagle or hawk or dolphin our way to surprise us... he’s very good at that! His creativity also makes me very excited about heaven... what is a tree of life anyway? What does it’s fruit taste like? Why streets of gold? He’s preparing a place for us... otherworldly, magnificent, beyond description.

I believe with all my heart in the serendipitous nature of God. The word serendipity is defined “events by chance in a happy or beneficial way”. They, however, only “appear" to be by chance because the Master Designer includes even the randomness in order to bless his kids.

At the core of this all is a God who loves us beyond what we can think or even imagine :)

The leaves may be gone by the time you read this... but take heart, there’s another serendipitous sighting around the corner. When we stay grateful and rest in his love... we tend to see them more.

Pete Nelson