MISSION - Oksnevad

Rob & Becky Thompson

MISSION - Camlin

We Support…

Phil & Ruth Alessi Church Resources Ministries

Dan & Lucia Brubaker Wycliffe Bible Translators

Gary & Terri Camlin EFCA Reach Global

Carl & Pam Campbell Wycliffe Bible Translators

Roger Dorris EFCA Reach Global

Dave & Oksana Elsinger EFCA Reach Global

Steve & Jennifer Hu Campus Crusade for Christ

Jen Jones, Ella Miller, & Kevin Watterson Crisis Response – Reach Global

Roy & Judy Larsen EFCA Eastern District

Sara Mostafa
Roy & Darla Oksneva
Richard & Jeannette TaylorNavigators
Jeff & Christina Speel


Our Purpose

Our Beacon Church family is active in missions.  We work with diligence to be obedient to God’s command to be disciples who share the Gospel, His Word, and His promises. We do this through prayer, action, love, and financial support to field missionaries.


Charge of the mission committee is to:

  • Maintain financial and prayer support for the 15 missionaries and 3 mission organizations Beacon upholds.
  • Promote and facilitate short term mission trips.
  • Communicate with the missionaries Beacon supports.
  • Be a resource, and provide guidance/support to anyone answering God’s call to the mission field.
  • Inform and educate our congregation about mission work.
  • Seek to build communication between our supported missionaries and our Beacon church body.


Newest Organization We Support

An exciting new ministry launched at Beacon in 2015 through Reciprocal Ministries International (RMI).  Beacon now has a Sister Church in Morency, Haiti.  A “C3 Partnership” was formed, and we are now Connected Church to Church with this remote village church that a mission team from Beacon visited in October 2014.




Jesus’ command to make disciples “of all nations” (Matthew 28:19)
is too big a job for a handful of individuals. It’s a call for every believer,
in every country, in every generation to accept the mission anew.